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26" x 40" MBO Folder with continuous feeder and right angles.

MBO Folder With Continuous Feeder & 2 Right Angle Units

We have completed the installation of a 26” x 40” MBO Folder with 2 right angle units.  This high-production machine enables us to offer even faster service and competitive pricing on larger, long run jobs while assuring top quality on some of the more difficult jobs, such as signatures, maps, etc.  Batch counter permits jobs to be accurately bundled or banded in convenient any batches.
We have numerous scoring and perforating attachments for this machine to enable us to perforate or score in-line for added production and top quality.


Baum Folder With 2 Right Angle Units

Maximum sheet size 20" x 32".  Minimum approximately 4" x 6".

Right angle units can be positioned in line to produce complex accordion folds

20" x 32" Baum Folder with 2 right angles

Baum right angle unit with attached friction feeder.

Friction Feed Attachment

Attaches to a right angle unit to permit refolding of collated sets, booklets, newsletters, etc. after stitching or drilling.  Right angle with 4 plates provides maximum versatility in complicated folding jobs.

Scoring & Perforating

Rotocrease™ Perforating & Scoring Attachment
attaches to the folder and enables us to score and fold in one operation, at the speed of the folder.

Quality of both scores and perforations is equal to or better than those produced by a letterpress, due to the fact that if the paper size or copy position changes during the run, adjustments can be made immediately to assure accurate folding.

Rotocrease attachment in operation on Baum Folder.

Baum 714XE Tabletop Vacuum Fed Folder.

Baum 714XE Folder

Certain small jobs are just easier to fold on a small folder.  Very small sheet sizes, down to 3" wide with a minimum length of 5" up to 14" x 20" maximum. Short runs are fast to set up and run.  This heavy duty table top folder is vacuum fed, enabling gloss paper to be fed as easily as uncoated, without that terrible scuff that often shows up with a friction feeder.

Conveniently located in  Arvada, Colorado, just north of Denver.

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