21" x 40" MBO Folder with continuous feeder and right angles.

MBO Folder With Continuous Feeder & 2 Right Angle Units

We have completed the installation of a newly rebuilt MBO B21 with 2 right angle units. The maximum sheet size is 21" x 40" and the minimum sheet size is 3" x 6". This high-production machine enables us to offer even faster service and competitive pricing on larger, long run jobs while assuring top quality on some of the more difficult jobs, such as signatures, maps, etc. Batch counter permits jobs to be accurately bundled or banded in convenient batches.
We have numerous scoring and perforating attachments for this machine to enable us to perforate or score in-line for added production and top quality.


Stahl Folder With 2 Right Angle Units

Maximum sheet size 20" x 32".  Minimum approximately 4" x 6".

Right angle units can be positioned in line to produce complex accordion folds