We now have four Letterpresses for Even Faster Service

Maximum sheet size 18" x 23"

Minimum sheet size 1½" x 2¾"

We have added a Heidelberg Cylinder Press for Larger Sheet Size and Faster Production.


We do microperfing on most papers, including normal thicknesses of cover stock.  Tooth counts range from 30 teeth per inch to 50 teeth per inch. We select which one works best with any given job.

Standard Perfing

Many different styles of perforating rules are carried in stock to accommodate most projects, from 4 teeth to 17 teeth per inch.

Doorknob Hangers

2-up or 3-up on 8½" x 11" using our standard dies, 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" hole.  Larger sheets are no problem, call for special requirements.


Carbonless forms, tickets with perforated stubs, envelopes, plain paper or cover stock, etc.  Up to 10 numbering machines.


From lightweight coated text stock to heavy cover stock. A letterpress score is often the only solution to prevent cracking on certain digital jobs or those with heavy coverage. We carry some special scoring rules for text weight papers.


Small format diecutting jobs quickly produced on a wide range of paper thicknesses.

One of our 10" x 15" Heidelberg "Windmill" Letterpresses

Heidelberg Cylinder Press Gripper

Gripper Margin

Don't forget we need a standard ¼" gripper margin for perforating or scoring. We grip on the 8½" side of 8½" x 11" sheets, up to our maximum 10" image width. We can feed 11" wide sheets, but only 10" image.

Minimum gripper margin for numbering is 9/16" to the top of the 5/32" tall numbers.  In a pinch we can “cheat” and get by with a ½" gripper margin to the top of numbers.


On numbering jobs we assume we have 20 extra pieces for 1,000 quantity, plus 5 per thousand over that, so if we get fewer, you may end up short, on the low numbers, since we number backwards so the low numbers will end up on top. Standard numbering colors are 185 red or dense black. We can also number with any Pantone color; please plan on providing us with the ink. Special colors are subject to a washup charge.

Our Numbering Machines include the symbol. In most cases, it is possible for us to frisk out that symbol, if required. There are limitations due to the nature of Letterpress layouts. Contact us about your project prior to finalizing the design.


We have a 3,000# capacity forklift for unloading and loading palletized jobs.  We can palletize jobs after completing the work, for delivery directly to your customer.  We work with several good delivery service companies who can utilize lift gate trucks when needed, and bill you either through us or direct at our special pricing.

Perforating and Scoring Machine

Designed for the digital market, we can now easily produce those short run jobs that are so troublesome with older methods, on sheet sizes from 3" x 5" up to 15" x 25.5".

A simple touch screen enables extremely fast setups for either perforating or scoring in either direction.

Vacuum feeder minimizes marking on virtually any paper from 20# bond to 12 point cover.