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Your One-Stop Loose Leaf Binding Source


You can send us your loose leaf books already collated and ready for us to complete, or we can collate your flat sheets, then bind them using any of the following methods:

Plastic Coil Spiral

Newest and fastest growing of the loose leaf binding methods.  Popular for cookbooks, calendars and computer manuals.  Since plastic coil bound books step up when opened, crossover graphics should be avoided.

Coils stocked in black, but colors available quickly via special order.


Double Loop/Wire-O

Looseleaf binding is a great solution for products that need to lie flat. Double loop wire binding, commonly referred to as Wire-O, is a durable binding method that permits books to lie flat, opens 360 and is perfect for manuals, cookbooks, calendars and more.

Wire elements stocked in black, but colors available quickly via special order.


Plastic Combs/GBC


One of the oldest and most economical loose leaf binding methods.  While experiencing some declining popularity, plastic combs are still preferred for certain cookbooks and manuals that might require pages to be changed at a future date.


Readily available in black, but other colors are available via special order.


Index Tab Cutting

We now have the capability of cutting index tabs with our Scott Tab Pro Index cutting machine.  This machine is pretty much the standard of the industry and its proven technology permits fast setup and changeover for different positions.
Standard " tab depth and any width.

Looseleaf Punch Dies

Plastic Coil Spiral Punch:  Round hole, 3/16" holes, .248" spacing, commonly called 4:1, but the slightly tighter hole spacing fits paper sizes better than the old style .250" pattern.

Wire-O 3:1 Punch: Square holes, 5/32" square, 3 holes per inch for book sizes up to 7/16" (9/16" Wire).

Wire-O 2:1 Punch: Square holes " square, 2 holes per inch for book sizes 7/16" and above (5/8" and larger wire).

GBC/Plastic Comb Punch: Standard punch pattern for all sizes of plastic combs.

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